The 5 Love Languages

A marriage enrichment Zoom Life Group to help you learn how to speak your spouse’s language. Thursday evenings at 7 PM.
Hosted by Darius and Sylvia Auguletto.
(760) 905-6153


Living Out God’s Word and Promise will take place on Zoom Friday nights at 7 PM.
Hosted by Brother Johnny and Sister Diana.
(951) 467-5447

DNA Life Group

DNA Life Group will teach you the history of Victory Outreach International. This life group is highly recommended for those that have been in the ministry of Victory Outreach less than one year or for those that wish to know more about our ministry.

High School Impact

High School Impact is a Zoom Life Group for high schoolers designed to meet the needs of the youth.

Deeper Roots

Hosted by Donovan and Honey DeLuna.
(760) 238-8787